Saturday, November 27, 2010

Research project #1 Smoking= research on how it may affect parents

I think as the death rate for lung disease goes up, more and more kids become orphans. They become orphans either because both parents smoked. Mostly their parents would smoke more than a pack of cigarettes a day, Which may have caused the lung disease. Since lung disease kills many of theses parents who die usually leave their babies behind and maybe more than a baby a family behind. These kids usually end up rphans without anyone their for them, especially their parents.
Parents dont realize that when they smoke they and their child bloth have posibilities of getting serioudly bad health risks.One may include phemonia, and lung cancer too. Secondhand smoking is as dangerous as smoking itself, because not only is it like inhaling the smoke you actally are inhaling it.Parents also end up affecting their child this way and it isn't very nice.To help avoid this i wouls just as a parent be responsible and find ways to quit smoking. Not only for me but for my child who i do not want to hurt and who i may not want to leave them alone.

Social Awareness project #3

Song name: Freedom by Paul McCartney
"This is my right, my right given by god"
This song is directed to people having equal rights.How people of differnt races should be living "freedom".This song has so much meaning, not only freedom, but how "hope" can also be given to those who are trying to get freedom for whatever reason. It could be getting the freedom to not get discriminated for being gay or lesbian and  or the freedom to be what ever you desire.
 This song was based off of the civil war and how racism was a big issue. The creator of this song paul mccartney wanted just to adress "Freedom"to all other than just racism, because more than racisim happend around the time period of when this song was written. This song has special meaning other than the title freedom: its mostly its mostly saying that peace should be brought upon us. The world should just have no more war, they should just make peace. It actually makes sense when you hear the song, and every time you could just come up with a new sub topic all the time.Thats why in response to this song i say it really shows it can really teach you about the problems of the country and how his words can describe how we and many people feel.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sociala Awareness project #2

Poem Response: Animal Cruelty

Pain can be felt by anyone,
including an animal.
Just like a human they have feelings which is inside their bodies,
hidden away in their own little minds.
When bad people mistreat them or, hurt them in any way
they cannot fight back or defend them selfs just like a tiny little baby.

Tears run down my face knowing poor little defenseless animals are being mistreated everyday.
 Tears wouldn't do anything.
Taking action and putting the bad guys to a place where they get treated like an animal that was mistreated by them.
Its what they deserve.
Pain can be felt by anyone including an animal.