Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Journal entry #8 Response to poem" mother to son"

      I think that this poem is very creative and really relates to realife. I say that, because the way its describing a mother and the things she says to her son is real. Like when the poet/mother says "life for me aint been no glass stair" a mother is telling her son life wasnt easy for her, so be careful out there , because it wont be easy for him. Also how she just repeats that line at the end of the poem. Its like she wants him to get the message.

     This is my moms favorite poem, because i remember once that she spoke and my brothers. i know they got the message, because at the end my mom spoke the poem they started to cry. I like how also my brothers say they got the message by saying that they loved the line " life for me aint been no glass stair" this is also my favorite line, because their is a metaphor and it just makes it stand out more and have lots of meaning to it.

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