Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Draft #2

Once upon a time their was a girl named Aime and she loved to cheer. Robert and Julie were her adoptive parents and were so proud of her of how good she was at cheerleading. Aime loved to be a cheerleader because, it was a mix of things she enjoyed to do. Its a combination of gymnastics, dancing and stepping which is what she enjoys about it. Aime just loves when people call her Aime "the cheerleader" Jones, it always puts a huge smile on her face. Cheerleading means the world to Aime and it would hurt her so much if she wouldnt be able to do it anymore. Aime is going off to High school to become better at cheerleading, so that she will be able to go to Ramapo collage which is her dream collage. Aime is super duper excited and just cant wait to start!
    "Mom, dad im leaving to school wish me luck i love you guys" Aime shouted to her parents while she rushes to grab her stuff and leave out the door.
" Good luck honey we love you, and hope you have a nice day" Julie replied as she waves to her daughter goodbye. As Aime rushes to the bus stop she wonder How will school be like? and How will the cheer squad be like? While rushing to the bus stop she runs into someone "Clashhhhhhhhh!"
  " Hey could you watch where your going you knocked down my playdough model, do you know how long that took me to make?" Shouted an angrily girl Aime just ran into.
 " I'm so sorry i really didn't mean too, here i will take it home and fix it for you. It will be fixed by tomorrow, i promise" Aime said
 " Hey dont worry about it ,its fine. My name is Aurora by the way, you going to Emerson High?"
    "yeah and I'm Aime nice to meet you Aurora wana have luch together today?"
     "Sure i would love to come lets get on the bus before if leaves us behind" Aurora answerd
       Aime walks through the doors and just falls in love with the school its like she had a good vibe about it right away. Aime goes to her first class and she loves it. Second class and she loves it, and for the rest of the day she just loved it. The day ends and Aime meets up with Aurora...
      "Hey have you tried this...dont tell anyone i gave you this okay and you cant eat more than one a day okay, if not you dont know what will happen" Aurora whispered to Aime
     "What is it?" Aime said confusingly
      "Its called chocolate, it makes you feel so good and full of energy maybe it can help with having lots of energy for cheerleading" Aurora said
     "okay yea sure, i have to go to tryouts anyway rite now so let me have it" Aime responded
    On her way to the gym she felt so good and happy she already started loving chocolate and did great at her tryouts. Tomorrow they will let her know if she will be a flyer or a side. Aime starts to think if she eats lots of chocolate everyday she will get better and better, she knows by eating something that makes you feel good and looks good cant harm you... but shes wrong. Everyday before practice she ate 3 bars of chocolate since they dont sell them in stores she gets them from Aurora. Not knowing slowly, by slowly she gained weight and started to become sick.Shes a flyer and flyers are NOT FAT. Julie and Robert start to see Aime and how she is getting sick and fat, they dont know what is causing such a thing. So they decide to take her to the doctor saying shes just getting a check up, but they lied. Lieing isnt right but they did it so that their daughter can get better. When the doctor checked her out he knew right away what was wrong with her. She has become a chocoholic, which isn't good. Being a chocoholic means that you are addicted to chocolate and being addicted means that your body will soon be slower and not work the way it used to be. Aimes world came down on top of her and she started to cry, she thought it would have made her feel better and become better but it didnt. Now shes not able to do the thing she loves for a long time.

 One month passed and Aime is at a Hospital for Chocoholics and sits on her bed thinking how much she misses being a cheerleader. As she sits she says to herself "Oh, my how i wish i could cheer, i want to so badly"
 A nurse walks in and says "In about two days you will be the cheerleader you used to be", then a smile grows on her pale face and brightens up her day!


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Authors note

Authors Note:
 Thousands of people all over the nation, are getting affected by cigarettes also the non smokers too.Even if the smokers are smoking around the people who are not, the other people can get sick by just inhaling the smoke caused by the cigarette. Smokers are getting sick and more sick by every cigarette they smoke. If people quit smoking i guarantee that the death rate of smokers will go down. Its very hard to quit, because one you smoke one, you want to smoke another. Its not your fault, because this is cause by the nicotine within the cigarette.I lost my grandmother two years ago to lung cancer. she has been smoking ever since she was 14 and quit when she was 67 and it was 3 months before her death. Of course our family was devastated and hurt very bad by this loss.

 In my story chocolate represents the cigarettes and how they are very addicting. The coco in the chocolate represents the nicotine within the chocolate. So how my main character Domo tries chocolate and cannot stop eating it, because he is addicted to it. Domo represents the smoker in my story. As a result he gets sick and cannot do the activities used to doe when he didnt eat chocolate at all.

 This story came out of my feelings, my grandmother who has passed inspired me to write this, because i want the nation to quit because a loss is the most hurtful thing that could happen to a person. Especially when they are related to you. I love you grandma < Teresa Rodriguez Dec22 1942- Dec 2008>

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Research project #1 Smoking= research on how it may affect parents

I think as the death rate for lung disease goes up, more and more kids become orphans. They become orphans either because both parents smoked. Mostly their parents would smoke more than a pack of cigarettes a day, Which may have caused the lung disease. Since lung disease kills many of theses parents who die usually leave their babies behind and maybe more than a baby a family behind. These kids usually end up rphans without anyone their for them, especially their parents.
Parents dont realize that when they smoke they and their child bloth have posibilities of getting serioudly bad health risks.One may include phemonia, and lung cancer too. Secondhand smoking is as dangerous as smoking itself, because not only is it like inhaling the smoke you actally are inhaling it.Parents also end up affecting their child this way and it isn't very nice.To help avoid this i wouls just as a parent be responsible and find ways to quit smoking. Not only for me but for my child who i do not want to hurt and who i may not want to leave them alone.

Social Awareness project #3

Song name: Freedom by Paul McCartney
"This is my right, my right given by god"
This song is directed to people having equal rights.How people of differnt races should be living "freedom".This song has so much meaning, not only freedom, but how "hope" can also be given to those who are trying to get freedom for whatever reason. It could be getting the freedom to not get discriminated for being gay or lesbian and  or the freedom to be what ever you desire.
 This song was based off of the civil war and how racism was a big issue. The creator of this song paul mccartney wanted just to adress "Freedom"to all other than just racism, because more than racisim happend around the time period of when this song was written. This song has special meaning other than the title freedom: its mostly its mostly saying that peace should be brought upon us. The world should just have no more war, they should just make peace. It actually makes sense when you hear the song, and every time you could just come up with a new sub topic all the time.Thats why in response to this song i say it really shows it can really teach you about the problems of the country and how his words can describe how we and many people feel.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sociala Awareness project #2

Poem Response: Animal Cruelty

Pain can be felt by anyone,
including an animal.
Just like a human they have feelings which is inside their bodies,
hidden away in their own little minds.
When bad people mistreat them or, hurt them in any way
they cannot fight back or defend them selfs just like a tiny little baby.

Tears run down my face knowing poor little defenseless animals are being mistreated everyday.
 Tears wouldn't do anything.
Taking action and putting the bad guys to a place where they get treated like an animal that was mistreated by them.
Its what they deserve.
Pain can be felt by anyone including an animal.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Reading response #6 "expanding on a note"

A Note to remember!
   One note i remember writing in Bridge to Terabithia was on pages 68-69 where i wrote :" this is kind of reminds me of Charlotte web. Leslie reminds me of Charlotte, i can tell they are a little alike, because of their attitudes.Both of the characters have strong personalities and always like to help the other characters. Also both of them like really don't care about what other people think about them. They are also smart, and both are very good at playing tricks on people. It is also weird how both of the characters die in the book also.

   Both of the characters also helped the characters surrounding them like Charlotte and Wilbur. In bridge to Terabithia its Leslie and Jess who are the main characters who help each other. The people they both helped end up becoming stronger, by their death, because they are learning the ways of the "leaders" as i called them.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Journal entry #8 Response to poem" mother to son"

      I think that this poem is very creative and really relates to realife. I say that, because the way its describing a mother and the things she says to her son is real. Like when the poet/mother says "life for me aint been no glass stair" a mother is telling her son life wasnt easy for her, so be careful out there , because it wont be easy for him. Also how she just repeats that line at the end of the poem. Its like she wants him to get the message.

     This is my moms favorite poem, because i remember once that she spoke and my brothers. i know they got the message, because at the end my mom spoke the poem they started to cry. I like how also my brothers say they got the message by saying that they loved the line " life for me aint been no glass stair" this is also my favorite line, because their is a metaphor and it just makes it stand out more and have lots of meaning to it.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Learsi Rodriguez                                an Appreciation

     This book had many great things I could appreciate about it, but the one that stood out the most to tell you the truth was the relationship between the characters: Jess and Leslie. I could actually feel their emotions and I was able to answer a question I had which was: What is the true meaning of friendship? So while I kept on reading I was able to get three main ideas and evidence from the text to back them up so that I could really show what I appreciated about Bridge to Terabithia. It wasn’t hard trying to look for main ideas about their friendship, because the author does a great job showing the reader how the friendship between the characters is special. So here is what I appreciated about Bridge to Terabithia.
  Jess and Leslie are different in many different ways, but always even each other out somehow. One example is how Jess starts off in the beginning as a shy person who doesn’t say very much and usually just keeps to himself in a quiet way. Then as soon as Leslie comes along and becomes his friend he opens up. It’s like he becomes this new person who now interacts and says more things then before. As I compare the way Jess is further into the book than when he was in the beginning I can say that if it wasn’t for Leslie being his friend, showing jess how it really is to act like a kid and opening his mind he wouldn’t have changed at all. Their friendship is a friendship that has special value, because their friendship has just brought them more happiness and their friendship has just been making them much stronger. An example from the text was on page 76-79 Leslie and Jess were exchanging gifts and they both just gave each other a present that both would appreciate very much. Leslie got a dog from Jess and Jess got water colors From Leslie. Without showing it in a physical way like by a hug you can just see in their emotions and thoughts that both were very grateful, because both knew awww my friend knows me really well so look at what she/he got me.
When it came to their world Terabithia its like they became one person. Their skills combined are the reason Terabithia was created. Jess has his artistic skills and Leslie has her imagination/creative skills with both of these skills combined that is how Terabithia was made. Their world wasn’t just an ordinary world, their world had their minds put together and it’s just like their world was just made up of just them. Its like Leslie was the queen and Jess was the king, they both made up very smart decisions together and mostly did everything together when it came up to Terabithia. It’s very cool how they are very different but when it come to them being together they are the same not different.
A connection I had the book was that I can relate myself to Jess in a way, because both of us really care about friendship. Friendship is important to me, because a friend to me is like a sibling where we can do things together, share things together, support each other and if it wasn’t for friendship between my friends I wouldn’t actually be the person I am today. Just like how if it wasn’t for Leslie helping Jess opens up more. It’s actually like my friend yalenny and I how she really helped me open up and really help me express my self more in creative ways. So that is how I can relate to the characters and the book/topic about friendship.
This topic within the book Bridge to Terabithia really reminds me of the book charlottes web. This topic on friendship reminds me of charlottes web, because in charlottes web there are two characters that are similar to Jess and Leslie. Their names are Wilbur and Charlotte, the only differences is that they are animals. The same events also happen between the characters in the book charlotte dies. In Bridge to Terabithia Leslie dies these two events connect, because the two people that really help the two boys open up die. By this event both of those characters actually grow stronger and learn how to be more like the character who died.
This topic about friendship also goes for real things that happen in everyday life. Like how there is this hippo and turtle named Owen and mzee. They are inseparable friends who are always their for each other. This really reminds me of Leslie and Jess, because they are also inseparable friends! This really shows me that friendship is so important to everyone ,even the animals.
Q: What makes a book worth reading?
A: For a book to be worth reading it has to have real value. What I mean is it really has to have the three things a reader looks for in a book which is:
1. interesting/meaningful story line
2. creative/imaginative details
3. Deep/emotional feelings within the characters
For me as a reader Bridge to Terabithia has these things and that is why it’s a special book and it’s worth reading!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Entry #7 appreciating a book draft: 2

  What i appreciate about Bridge to Terabithia is the Friendship between the characters: Jess and Leslie. While reading i really had to find the things to back up what i appreciated about the book. One out of thee things that really proved to me the appreciation of  Friendship . 
      Jess and Leslie are very different in many ways , but always even each other out somehow. Like how jess is shy and likes keeping to himself. Leslie on the other hand is more outgoing and expresses how she feels in different ways. When the both of them are together its like they both just go together evn though they are so different. Like in a way when it comes to be just them they are unstoppable.
      When it come to their own world Terabithia its like they become one. Their skills combined is the reason Terabithia was made. With Jess is art skills and Leslies open mind i bet is when their whole selfs became just one world which is Terabithia. this is amazing , because if it wasnt for their friendship its like their world would have never existed...
        Text to Self: The connection i have with the Topic in this book about friendship is that it reminds me of my best friend and how we both share the same characteristics of the 2 main characters. Jess reminds me of myself how i would keep to myself about things. If it wasn't for my best friend that took me out of being quiet i wouldnt be loud as i am today.
       Text to Text: This book reminds of Charlotte's web. It reminds me of this book , because Jess and Leslie remind me of Charlotte and Wilbur. Also the events that happend like Leslie dies and Charlotte dies are very much the same. The meaning of Friendship also comes up in Charlotte's web how charlotte was always their for Wilbur and in this case Leslie was there for Jess.
     Text to world: This friendship you see relates to the world , because that is how you see kids theses days with their imagination. Like the two friends who are animals mzee and owen who are bestfriends. They are like jess and Leslie, because its like they are always their for each other and do everything together.

Entry #7 Understanding/apreciating a book better by researching draft: 1

Book: Bridge to Terabithia by : Katherine Patterson
Research : on author and on somethings about the story behing the book.
      The author katherine patterson is a very good writer/story teller. Based on the reasearch i have collected she is a very meaningful down to earth person who enjoys writing. This made me appreciate the book better, because since the characters mostly reflect of her mind which is very creative.
   This story originated from the authors own personal experience with a touch of a little fantasy given with the storyline and book. Her son had just moved into a new house and school , and didnt have many friends. His first friend was a girl named Lisa, soon then became very good friends. While lisa went away for vacation she was struck by lightning and killed. Of course her son was devastated his very true friend passed away.This made me appreciate the book better by the characters how friendship is so real and true and nothing can ever take away that feeling of having a friend.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Entry#3 What do I appreciate about Charlottes Web?

Entry#3: What do I appreciate about Charlottes Web?
           I appreciate that in charlottes web it teaches you about friendship.  In-between charlotte and Wilbur is where most of the lessons of  how friendship grows. Like on pages 55-60 is where Wilbur(the pig) is trying to spin a web (which he cannot) and charlotte (the spider) is telling him to try it.  Instead of telling Wilbur he cannot do it she supports him like a true friend does. I think of my childhood and how I used to say I had super powers, my mother would just help me try to find out if I really had super powers. My mother was my best friend when I was little ,still is and charlortte reminds me a lot of her. They both can be a best friend and mother at the same time.
          Fern and Wilbur are another pair of friends that teach me a lot about friendship. On pages 1-16 Ferns father is planning to kill a runt baby pig (Wilbur).Fern hears about what he is going to do and luckily stops I the killing on time. Then she takes the pig and cares for it herself. The pig grows and becomes a medium size pig. Fern and Wilbur became such best friends and like mother and son also like charlotte. I can relate to this because I saved a puppy from death when it was trapped in a pipe whole and cared for it. So its very cool to make a connection that has feeling and friendship within.