Sunday, December 12, 2010

Authors note

Authors Note:
 Thousands of people all over the nation, are getting affected by cigarettes also the non smokers too.Even if the smokers are smoking around the people who are not, the other people can get sick by just inhaling the smoke caused by the cigarette. Smokers are getting sick and more sick by every cigarette they smoke. If people quit smoking i guarantee that the death rate of smokers will go down. Its very hard to quit, because one you smoke one, you want to smoke another. Its not your fault, because this is cause by the nicotine within the cigarette.I lost my grandmother two years ago to lung cancer. she has been smoking ever since she was 14 and quit when she was 67 and it was 3 months before her death. Of course our family was devastated and hurt very bad by this loss.

 In my story chocolate represents the cigarettes and how they are very addicting. The coco in the chocolate represents the nicotine within the chocolate. So how my main character Domo tries chocolate and cannot stop eating it, because he is addicted to it. Domo represents the smoker in my story. As a result he gets sick and cannot do the activities used to doe when he didnt eat chocolate at all.

 This story came out of my feelings, my grandmother who has passed inspired me to write this, because i want the nation to quit because a loss is the most hurtful thing that could happen to a person. Especially when they are related to you. I love you grandma < Teresa Rodriguez Dec22 1942- Dec 2008>

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