Thursday, September 30, 2010

Entry#3 What do I appreciate about Charlottes Web?

Entry#3: What do I appreciate about Charlottes Web?
           I appreciate that in charlottes web it teaches you about friendship.  In-between charlotte and Wilbur is where most of the lessons of  how friendship grows. Like on pages 55-60 is where Wilbur(the pig) is trying to spin a web (which he cannot) and charlotte (the spider) is telling him to try it.  Instead of telling Wilbur he cannot do it she supports him like a true friend does. I think of my childhood and how I used to say I had super powers, my mother would just help me try to find out if I really had super powers. My mother was my best friend when I was little ,still is and charlortte reminds me a lot of her. They both can be a best friend and mother at the same time.
          Fern and Wilbur are another pair of friends that teach me a lot about friendship. On pages 1-16 Ferns father is planning to kill a runt baby pig (Wilbur).Fern hears about what he is going to do and luckily stops I the killing on time. Then she takes the pig and cares for it herself. The pig grows and becomes a medium size pig. Fern and Wilbur became such best friends and like mother and son also like charlotte. I can relate to this because I saved a puppy from death when it was trapped in a pipe whole and cared for it. So its very cool to make a connection that has feeling and friendship within.


  1. I like how you made an connection in the book relating to you and your mother. I really loved your entry. And it had amazing details in it which was really cool

  2. i like how you finished strong in the last part of the response by making a connection.