Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blogs that i enjoyed reading and liked!!!!!

 I like Amani's blog, because it shows a lot of hard work and effort. Her work is outstanding and shows a lot of deep feelings and emotions. Her poems really reflect off of her feelings in which makes the poem more creative. One of her poems called Lina<3 i enjoyed it verymuch,because i can see she put alot of emtion into it. Her writing makes movies in my mind which i enjoy, because everytime i read her poems the creat scenes. Also i can feel what shes feeling in her poems.
 I like kamillahs Blog, because her blog is full of creative poems. I really like her poem about the kiss, which was from a photo. I like it becuase  it shows creative deatils and emotions based on a picture thats worth a thousand words. Kamillah seems to be a strong writer through her writing and i enjoy reading them!
  I like Daniels blog because it seems like they all come natural. Im say this, because one of his poems called "N" made me think his poems really come from his tiny mind.. just kidding! This poem also made me think real life situations really inspired him to write this and i think its a good poem. I really like how he reveals his deep feelings through his words. One thing all these blogs have in common is that they all have creative poems done in their own way.

personally i
don't like this letter it makes
bad things i don't like

i got two N's ma
what does that mean?
mean's i need to shut up and
keep my mind clean

of anything that would cause me to
laugh, talk, or just straight up be loud
and i gotta get face outta the clouds

i need to work hard
cause now hardly workin'
i need some thin to day so i can't be seen lurkin
in the back of class laughin my ass off
like its no problem
but it is so

i do all work though
and now i know
how not to get an N


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