Thursday, October 28, 2010

Reading response #6 "expanding on a note"

A Note to remember!
   One note i remember writing in Bridge to Terabithia was on pages 68-69 where i wrote :" this is kind of reminds me of Charlotte web. Leslie reminds me of Charlotte, i can tell they are a little alike, because of their attitudes.Both of the characters have strong personalities and always like to help the other characters. Also both of them like really don't care about what other people think about them. They are also smart, and both are very good at playing tricks on people. It is also weird how both of the characters die in the book also.

   Both of the characters also helped the characters surrounding them like Charlotte and Wilbur. In bridge to Terabithia its Leslie and Jess who are the main characters who help each other. The people they both helped end up becoming stronger, by their death, because they are learning the ways of the "leaders" as i called them.


  1. go jump in ditch. i'll pray for you :(

  2. Well i think this is a great entry although you need to elaborate more.