Saturday, October 16, 2010

Entry #7 appreciating a book draft: 2

  What i appreciate about Bridge to Terabithia is the Friendship between the characters: Jess and Leslie. While reading i really had to find the things to back up what i appreciated about the book. One out of thee things that really proved to me the appreciation of  Friendship . 
      Jess and Leslie are very different in many ways , but always even each other out somehow. Like how jess is shy and likes keeping to himself. Leslie on the other hand is more outgoing and expresses how she feels in different ways. When the both of them are together its like they both just go together evn though they are so different. Like in a way when it comes to be just them they are unstoppable.
      When it come to their own world Terabithia its like they become one. Their skills combined is the reason Terabithia was made. With Jess is art skills and Leslies open mind i bet is when their whole selfs became just one world which is Terabithia. this is amazing , because if it wasnt for their friendship its like their world would have never existed...
        Text to Self: The connection i have with the Topic in this book about friendship is that it reminds me of my best friend and how we both share the same characteristics of the 2 main characters. Jess reminds me of myself how i would keep to myself about things. If it wasn't for my best friend that took me out of being quiet i wouldnt be loud as i am today.
       Text to Text: This book reminds of Charlotte's web. It reminds me of this book , because Jess and Leslie remind me of Charlotte and Wilbur. Also the events that happend like Leslie dies and Charlotte dies are very much the same. The meaning of Friendship also comes up in Charlotte's web how charlotte was always their for Wilbur and in this case Leslie was there for Jess.
     Text to world: This friendship you see relates to the world , because that is how you see kids theses days with their imagination. Like the two friends who are animals mzee and owen who are bestfriends. They are like jess and Leslie, because its like they are always their for each other and do everything together.

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