Saturday, October 16, 2010

Entry #7 Understanding/apreciating a book better by researching draft: 1

Book: Bridge to Terabithia by : Katherine Patterson
Research : on author and on somethings about the story behing the book.
      The author katherine patterson is a very good writer/story teller. Based on the reasearch i have collected she is a very meaningful down to earth person who enjoys writing. This made me appreciate the book better, because since the characters mostly reflect of her mind which is very creative.
   This story originated from the authors own personal experience with a touch of a little fantasy given with the storyline and book. Her son had just moved into a new house and school , and didnt have many friends. His first friend was a girl named Lisa, soon then became very good friends. While lisa went away for vacation she was struck by lightning and killed. Of course her son was devastated his very true friend passed away.This made me appreciate the book better by the characters how friendship is so real and true and nothing can ever take away that feeling of having a friend.

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