Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Draft #2

Once upon a time their was a girl named Aime and she loved to cheer. Robert and Julie were her adoptive parents and were so proud of her of how good she was at cheerleading. Aime loved to be a cheerleader because, it was a mix of things she enjoyed to do. Its a combination of gymnastics, dancing and stepping which is what she enjoys about it. Aime just loves when people call her Aime "the cheerleader" Jones, it always puts a huge smile on her face. Cheerleading means the world to Aime and it would hurt her so much if she wouldnt be able to do it anymore. Aime is going off to High school to become better at cheerleading, so that she will be able to go to Ramapo collage which is her dream collage. Aime is super duper excited and just cant wait to start!
    "Mom, dad im leaving to school wish me luck i love you guys" Aime shouted to her parents while she rushes to grab her stuff and leave out the door.
" Good luck honey we love you, and hope you have a nice day" Julie replied as she waves to her daughter goodbye. As Aime rushes to the bus stop she wonder How will school be like? and How will the cheer squad be like? While rushing to the bus stop she runs into someone "Clashhhhhhhhh!"
  " Hey could you watch where your going you knocked down my playdough model, do you know how long that took me to make?" Shouted an angrily girl Aime just ran into.
 " I'm so sorry i really didn't mean too, here i will take it home and fix it for you. It will be fixed by tomorrow, i promise" Aime said
 " Hey dont worry about it ,its fine. My name is Aurora by the way, you going to Emerson High?"
    "yeah and I'm Aime nice to meet you Aurora wana have luch together today?"
     "Sure i would love to come lets get on the bus before if leaves us behind" Aurora answerd
       Aime walks through the doors and just falls in love with the school its like she had a good vibe about it right away. Aime goes to her first class and she loves it. Second class and she loves it, and for the rest of the day she just loved it. The day ends and Aime meets up with Aurora...
      "Hey have you tried this...dont tell anyone i gave you this okay and you cant eat more than one a day okay, if not you dont know what will happen" Aurora whispered to Aime
     "What is it?" Aime said confusingly
      "Its called chocolate, it makes you feel so good and full of energy maybe it can help with having lots of energy for cheerleading" Aurora said
     "okay yea sure, i have to go to tryouts anyway rite now so let me have it" Aime responded
    On her way to the gym she felt so good and happy she already started loving chocolate and did great at her tryouts. Tomorrow they will let her know if she will be a flyer or a side. Aime starts to think if she eats lots of chocolate everyday she will get better and better, she knows by eating something that makes you feel good and looks good cant harm you... but shes wrong. Everyday before practice she ate 3 bars of chocolate since they dont sell them in stores she gets them from Aurora. Not knowing slowly, by slowly she gained weight and started to become sick.Shes a flyer and flyers are NOT FAT. Julie and Robert start to see Aime and how she is getting sick and fat, they dont know what is causing such a thing. So they decide to take her to the doctor saying shes just getting a check up, but they lied. Lieing isnt right but they did it so that their daughter can get better. When the doctor checked her out he knew right away what was wrong with her. She has become a chocoholic, which isn't good. Being a chocoholic means that you are addicted to chocolate and being addicted means that your body will soon be slower and not work the way it used to be. Aimes world came down on top of her and she started to cry, she thought it would have made her feel better and become better but it didnt. Now shes not able to do the thing she loves for a long time.

 One month passed and Aime is at a Hospital for Chocoholics and sits on her bed thinking how much she misses being a cheerleader. As she sits she says to herself "Oh, my how i wish i could cheer, i want to so badly"
 A nurse walks in and says "In about two days you will be the cheerleader you used to be", then a smile grows on her pale face and brightens up her day!


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